Vitamins & Supplements

We understand how peoples lives have become a lot faster paced, which means it can be very difficult to always get the correct vitamins and nutrients for you as an individual. What may work for one person with a similar lifestyle may not suit you. At Mannings Pharmacy we stock a wide range of vitamins to help you get your essential daily intake.

We specialise in

  • Vitamins for skin, hair and nails
  • Help with mainitaining your hormone balance during menepause
  • Vitamins to support your health and unborn child before, during and after pregnancy
  • Joint care
  • General health vitamins
  • Supplements for weight loss
  • Vitamins specially for Men

And any other problems that you may experience

Brands that we stock include

  • Solgar
  • Vega
  • Vitabiotics
  • Floradix

And many more

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